Seguindo a linha de outras distro como openSUSE e Arch Linux, o suporte a plataforma 32 bits está “ameaçado”. Conforme a Wiki Oficial do Fedora:

The i686 kernel is of limited use as most x86 hardware supports 64bit these days. It has been in a status of “community supported” for several Fedora releases now. As such, it gets very little testing, and issues frequently appear upstream. These tend to go unnoticed for long periods of time. When issues are found, it is often a long time before they are fixed because they are considered low priority by most developers upstream. This can leave other architectures waiting for important updates, and provides a less than desirable experience for people choosing to run a 32bit kernel. With this proposal, the i686 kernel will no longer be built. A kernel headers package will still exist, and all 32bit packages should continue to build as normal. The main difference is there would no longer be bootable 32bit images.

Em outras palavras, observa-se uma mudança, considerada já para o Fedora 27 (Targeted release), que acaba com a compilação do kernel i686, de modo que afeta o suporte para sistemas x86 de 32 bits mais antigos.

Assim, eles pretendem trazer alguns benefícios para resolver erros de segurança e fornecer as versões do kernel mais confiáveis.

Para mais novidades, você poderá acompanhar discussões à respeito AQUI.


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